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If this is the first time watching this hot redhead smoke a cigarette be warned that even though she looks cute and innocent. She is in fact a cruel and sadistic Princess looking for new victims for her human ashtray addiction. Whenever she smokes she wants a slave nearby so she can put all the ashes in his mouth. Just open your mouth so I can use you as my human ashtray. Complaining has no use I will kick you in the balls. Just do as I say and all will be ok.

Mistress Jenny is smoking a cigarette. She put it between her sexy red and gorgeous lips to light it up. Then she breathes in the smoke very deep just to release it right in your face! She smiles and teases you as she plays with the smoke. She releases it in slow motion and blows it all into your face...

Mistress is having a cigarette break in front of her house in the night. She wears her very sexy black cat suite as she poses in front of the camera and lights up the cigarette while she keeps it between her gorgeous red lips. This Mistress really knows how to tease someone like you.

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