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Sexy Mistress Katja enjoys her cigarette. She smokes it with full pleasure and after she is done she drops it to the ground. Her eyes bright as she hold her shoe soles over the cigarette to lower it after a few seconds. She increases the pressure and destroys the cigarette.

Lady Mistery stands right in front of you as she smokes her cigarette. She enjoys smoking it and drops it on the ground after she is done with it. She spits on it and crushes it. Then she wants you to eat it right from the ground to humiliate yourself for her...

Mistress Lady Mistery sits outside on her terrace as she smokes a cigarette. She really enjoys her cigarette and makes you lick and worship her bare feet. After that you are allowed to eat up her ashes and at last you are made to eat the leftover of her cigarette combined with her delicious saliva.

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