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Diana is one of the sexiest smokers you will ever see. And that is supported by her legion of fans. These fans enjoy her smoking videos and many pay just to be the first ones to get them when she uploads them

Princess Isabella is a smoking goddess as she takes her cigarette and puts it in her mouth and takes a long drag off of it, filling her lungs with smoke and then she looks at you and blows it all out in your face. This princess knows exactly what you want and how you want it as she blows the smoke all over your face and demands you buy her video clips.

Mistress Lifestylediva Maria lights up a cigarette. She sticks it between her sexy red full lips and pulls in. Then she breathes the smoke right into your face! She loves doing that to you and enjoys having you kneeling in front of her and watching her like a little puppy. She knows your addiction and enjoys the resulting power - can't she do anything to you?

Hey loser get over here! Look at this cigarette, do you know what I want to do to you? Right, you are my ashtray now. I will drop all my ashes into that ashtray and after I'm done I will spit in it too. Guess what follows next? Yeah - exactly - open your fucking mouth boy and better keep that nasty shit inside...

Mistress Lady Mystery talks to you as her very own personal slave. She wants you to do something for her and you must beg to do it! She commands you to kneel in front of her while she lights up a cigarette. Next she orders to open up your little mouth - and guess what follows next? Right, she turns you into her personal ashtray...

Mistress Lady Mystery smokes and blows the smoke right into your face. She tells you how pathetic you are and what you mean to her. You are there to follow instructions and do whatever she wants and you should get used to that thought.

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