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The beautiful Gloria is still showing everyone how sensual a cigarette really is. She loves the smell of a cigarette smoking and having her slave watch her. She knows that her full lips attract attention and she won't be without her cigarette. This sexy babe knows that without her cigarette, she wouldn't get as much attention as she does and when she has it, she enjoys being the center of a smoking fetish fantasy.

This sexy babe has some short hair and she is bored. Therefore, she decides that she is going to allow you to become her smoke slave for the length of this video and only for the length of this video. Watch as her sexy full lips wrap around the butt of her cigarette. She begins puffing on it, making sure the end of the cigarette is nice and red, glowing with excitement.

the stunning redhead Katrina Von Bad sensually smokes this cigarette holding it with just her sexy red lips. She looks teasingly at you as she holds on to the white 5000 with just her gorgeous red lips and that lets out a very erotic ring of smoke. This goddess really knows how to put on an erotic show smoking this cigarette and holing onto it with just her red lips

The sexy money princess, Lady Andrea sits in the field under the clear blue sky smoking on her cigarette and than proceeds to dump the ashes right in your face. You take all of this sexy girls ash right in your mouth because she looks so beautiful dresses up in very erotic red dress. She teasingly strokes her long smooth legs and bare feet and than dumps the ashes right in your face

The gorgeous goddess katrina Von Bad provocatively smokes her cigarette and blows out all of the smoke directly into your face making you cough and choke. The sexy goddess does not care that all you can breathe is cigarette smoke as she takes another sexy drag and repeats the process. She looks gorgeous with her red hair pulled back and with her very red lipstick on so you take the abuse

The gorgeous redhead Miss Deeane smokes her cigarette very provocatively and she needs a place to put hers ashes. That is where you come in as her willing slave who will open your mouth so she can dump her cigarette ash inside. Of course you will do anything for the attention of the beautiful miss Deeane so lay your head back and get ready for that hot ashy taste

What's better than smoking? Tormenting someone with a smoking fetish using copious amounts of smoke! A friend comes over for coffee and to help out with the recording of a video clip, the nature of which is unbeknownst to him. When Katrina lights up and starts smoking like a human ashtray, her unsuspecting friend starts shaking, and grows weak in the face of so much smoke. This is the mother of all smoking fetish teases!

Do you like fags? Do you like when hot women put fags in their mouths and light them on fire to inhale the smoke? Of course you do! That's why you're here. Watch this sexy mistress smoke a blunt all to herself. She takes in breath after breath of smoke-filled air and blows it out slowly and sensually. Her voluptuous, puffy lips wrap around the rolled tobacco; this human ashtray worships cigarette smoke!

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