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Madame Marissa was not in the mood to beg this slave to tell her what had happened. She knew something had happened but she did not know what. She knew he knew and that was why she asked him. When he hesitated, she used her spit to humiliate him. She even burned him with her cigarette and humiliated him a great deal before he was able to tell her what had happened.

While other mistresses use cigarettes to humiliate others and to relieve stress, this mistress has a different use for her cigarettes. She likes to use them to stay warm when it is cold but her main use is to use them to maintain her figure. She also smokes because it looks sexy. And it comes in handy when flirting with guys. She does not use them to punish someone else.

Lady Alshari was busy at work and she was getting stressed out with all the pressure. She went out and tried to relax. For some reason, she felt like smoking even though she had never smoked before. She decided to get a cigarette and as she puffed away, she coughed a little but she found that it was distracting and comforting. And that is how she became addicted to smoke fetish.

Lady Karame is a natural when it comes to smoking. She has been smoking ever since she was in high school and nowadays she is a pro. She loves to smoke socially and she also likes to use her cigarette as a weapon and as a tool for weeding out guys. She uses the cigarette to burn a guy and see if he is a sissy and also to punish a slave if she wants to.

Lady Alshari did not like the direction in which this guy was taking her company. She had put him in charge hoping he would infuse new energy but he was making losses. She decided to show him that she was in charge and if he did not change the direction, she would punish him severely. She used him as a human ashtray and tortured him to show him how serious she was.

Lady Chantal is relaxing on a leather couch when she orders her slave to crawl over to her to be used as a human ashtray. As cruel as she is, she is never satisfied with him, and no matter what he does, he can't even open his mouth properly for his mistress. He receives a good lecturing, learning just how stupid he is. In the end, he has to lie flat down by her feet when she is digging her heel into his flesh while stamping out the cigarette on his tongue.

Guess what bitch, today you are going to get addicted to smoking cigarettes. I gain so much power over you when I smoke. You will be addicted by the end of this. I hold all the power and with every single drag, I gain more power. You can't resist. You will surrender. You are so easy to manipulate, it's so much fun. Every single drag you take you will be thinking of me. Here, grab these and light one up. Go on, light it up. That is pathetic! Coughing like a bitch loser! Watch and learn bitch. Take a nice slow drag off that cigarette.

Sexy Miss Candy is wearing her favorite lipstick when she decides to smoke a cigarette and blow the smoke right into your face while she takes another drag. She gets her lipstick all over the cigarette butts, but she keeps going until the whole thing is done and you are choking on the noxious fumes. You have no choice but to inhale it all while she gets ready to light another.

Driving a van with a lot of legroom has its perks. For example, you can lay down a slave in it to have a comfy footrest and ashtray during the drive. I rub my dirty sneaker soles over his face and shirt as I get into the car, then close the door and turn on the engine. He has to lick the bottom of my shoes when I don't need them on the pedals or is simply used as a footrest for my left foot. I smoke a cigarette as I drive down the countryside road and use his mouth as my ashtray as well.

The amazingly gorgeous Iveta is sitting comfortably and enjoying a cigarette when she starts to play with her shoes, hypnotizing you with her beauty. She deserves all of your worship because she is the most beautiful woman on the planet and yo would be lucky to grovel at her feet while she blows smoke into your face. You'll take it all because you just want to be near her whenever you can.

Your Mistress has new nails again and you certainly like that, don't you? To relax a bit, I enjoy smoking a slim cigarette. Watch my smoking and holding of the cigarette with my brand new nails. You certainly feel the need to be my ashtray, don't you? Open your mouth wide so I can flick my ashes down your throat. Make sure you swallow all of them to keep the floor clean.

This incredibly sexy femdom knows exactly how to manipulate you and today she is going to do it by showing off her gorgeous tits while smoking. She blows the smoke right into your face because she knows how sexy you find it and that you simply can't resist her, no matter how much you try. You can attempt to look away, but you just can't. You are under her spell.

This mistress likes to smoke. There are many reasons why she does that. One of the reasons that many people do not know is when she has not brushed her teeth. She had run out of toothpaste and could not go to the store to buy it and a guy she had been looking forward to banging was on his way over. So she just smoked to disguise her breath.

This mistress is a model and likes to show off her amazing body. She has a secret to her body which others do not know about. While everyone knows about diet and exercise, she also adds smoking to her menu in order to keep slim and fit. And when she is angry at a slave or loser, she also turns the cigarette into a weapon and uses the guy as a human ashtray.

This mistress is sexy and likes to use it to her advantage. When a loser flirts with her she flirts back and then when they go to her apartment, she humiliates him by using him as her ashtray and spitting on him

Diana loves smoking. And she also likes to torture slaves. She would take a slave and then make him open his mouth and blow the smoke into it

Lady Mystery is pretty and knows how to make use of her sexiness. She likes being and portraying a bad bitch and she does this with smoking. She comes across as a bad girl when she smokes and guys love her for that

This mistress knows how to dress to please her pay pigs. And she knows that they like to watch her bad girl moves and she likes to start it all of by smoking and she smokes in a sexy way

Women who smoke are sexy and many men like them. They tend to be freaky and this is evidenced by this mistress who is a freak and loves her cig. She smokes whenever she has a chance

Sexy blond Mistress is lighting her cigarette. She patiently awaits the arrival of one of her favorite slaves. He will be used as a human ashtray. This is the ultimate form of humiliation. She will start the degrading session off slowly by just blowing smoke in his face. He really hates cigarettes so that will make him gag, then later she will order her slave to open his mouth so he can be used as a human ashtray

Submissive slave is collared and has a panty over his head making it hard for him to breath. He is being punished for disobedient behavior. It is his own fault that he is receiving this cruel and harsh treatment. Two mistresses are taking turns spitting in his face. They even use him as a human ashtray. This will go on for the rest of the day. Hours and hours he has to endure this punishment. He wants to scream out in agony but has not got to power to do so. Why is nobody coming to his rescue

When Miss Kate and Miss Petra get together, they enjoy hanging out. They love to drink coffee and smoke. When they smoke, they have to have a human ashtray. They don't pay attention to him but they know he is swallowing their ashes. They love knowing that he is getting turned on by acting as a piece of furniture. They smoke, they talk and they ignore their obedient slave as they enjoy themselves.

When it comes to smoking, Lady Susana enjoys a long cigarette between her fingers and lips. She knows that smoking is what her slave hates to see her do so she does it to punish him. She knows that he wants to be the one her lips wrap around and he isn't. She knows that he watches her, wishing her nude lips would rap around his dick and suck. But she won't so he watches her smoke, tortured.

Lady Susana is a pretty babe that smokes. She loves to smoke while she works at her computers. Lady Susana also has the ability to dominate her slaves as she smokes. She can get any of her slaves to buy her cigarettes, because watching her smoke is a very sexy sight to see. Lady Susana can make any man develop the biggest smoking fetish ever.

Smoking Jenny is a very hot mistress. She is blonde with a very hot body. Smoking Jenny has a group of faithful slaves that loves to worship her when she is smoking. Her ability to smoke has men getting so horny as they see her put the cigarette to her lips. Smoking Jenny will get anything she wants, because she looks so good when she does smoke.

Simona is a young teen girl that loves to smoke. The minute she turned 18, she began to enjoy smoking. Simona also learned about how many guys love her smoking fetish. The guys all line up to watch her smoke, so she knows how to smoke very seductively. Simona is only 18, but she is becoming a very powerful mistress that knows how to get what she wants.

Nurse Amyleen is a smoking hot babe with a very hardcore fetish. She loves to smoke and wear sexy outfits in front of her slaves. There isn't one slave that can control themselves around her. Nurse Amyleen knows just how to work it too. She can say one word, and her slaves will do anything she asks of them. Nurse Amyleen is a very powerful mistress.

Miss Deeane is a sexy brunette mistress that is going to lets you masturbate and play with your hard cock as she smokes one cigarette after another. She take her long drags off of her cigarettes and blows it all over you as you take your hand and stroke your cock in front off of her as she watches you. She blows the warm smoke all over you hard cock and you have the most intense orgasm that you have ever had.

Miss Deeane is a sexy brunette mistress wearing a white bra and panties as she lays on her carpeted floor smoking a cigarette. She takes a long hard drag off of her cigarette and then she blows the smoke all over you. She takes her warm smoke and she blows it all over your body and your cock and you are busy masturbating in front of her as she continues to blow your smoke all over her.

Miss Deeane is a sexy brunette mistress that is sitting on the edge of the bed holding a new pack of cigarettes in her hands while you watch her open them slowly. She takes the fresh new pack and opens it up and starts to smoke a cigarette. As the smoke enters her lungs your cock starts to throb and you instantly know that you want her to blow her warm smoke all over you body and cock.

Mistress Cassandra is a sexy blonde mistress wearing a pair of black high heel sandals as she stands outside wearing a cool grey summer dress. This sexy mistress takes out a cigarette and lights it in her mouth and then takes a long hard drag off of her cigarette and inhales the warm smoke deep into her lungs. She then blows the air out of her lungs and into the air around her.

Mistress BlackDiamoond is a sexy mistress that loves to sit back and relax after a long day of working hard! She comes into her living room and sits down on her chair and puts her feet up and drinks an expensive champagne. She lights up her cigarette and takes a long drag off of it and then makes her loser slave come over and uses him as her human ashtray putting her ash into his open mouth.

Miss Deeane is a sexy brunette mistress who is busy smoking a cigarette in this pov clip as she takes drags off her cigarette. She then leans forward towards you and then blows the hot warm smoke all over your hard exposed cock. You can feel the warmth wrap around your dick as the smoke blows past it and then she takes another drag off of her cigarette and does it all over again.

This sexy blonde mistress starts out sitting on the couch with her cigarette in her lips as she starts taking a long hard drag off of the cigarette. She then slides down to the floor where she sits as she finishes smoking cigarette. After each of her long drags she lifts the cigarette towards the camera so that you can admire her cherry as she finishes smoking her single cigarette.

Lady Angelina is a sexy redheaded mistress who is taking an unscheduled smoke break as she stands outside taking long drags off of her cigarette. She takes one drag after another and blows the warm smoke out and it floats around her making her appear to be a smoking hot redhead ready for a good time and willing to give your hard cock a good workout. Maybe if you are really good she will blow your cock with smoke.

Mistress Abbie Cat is a sexy brunette secretary working a temp job for a couple of days and now she is on a smoke break. She takes her cigarette out of her purse and puts it between her lips as she takes out her lighter and lights it. She then takes a few long drags and then blows the warm smoke out all over herself as she continues to smoke her entire cigarette.

Miss Deeane is buck naked and going to have a great time teasing her slave. She is going to take teasing to a whole new level by playing with a huge drape in her room. The drape will cover her as she is smoking. She will place her cigarette up to her mouth just as she is teasing her slave. The only view of her body is a great side shot.

Miss Deeane is a smoking goddess like no other. Not only does she like to smoke, but she also loves to fondle her big tits in her leopard print bra. She will light up a cigarette and being to smoke, but during that time she will also find sexy ways to turn on her slaves that love to view her sucking on her cigarette and teasing them.

Smoking goddess Katrina VonBad is feeling naughty and seductive. She is going to apply a pretty shade of reddish pink lipstick to her sultry lips right before she smokes. She is also going to enjoy knowing that all of the slaves in her life are totally turned on by her sex appeal and by the way she is inhaling her cigarette by wrapping her pretty lips around the smoke.

The lovely smoking mistress has a talent for smoking, but her true talent that is all natural is called seduction. She can get any slave to do anything she wants just by looking in their direction with her bedroom eyes. She has the sexiest eyes and lips ever, so when she smokes there is no man or slave that will ever be able to resist her powers of appeal.

You stare across the room at the sexy Katrina Von Bad smoking on her cigarette. You imagine the short haired beauty is smoking for you and you only as she inhales on her cigarette taking the smoke deep into her lungs. She looks gorgeous with her red hair tied back and her blue eye shadow and sexy red lipstick. She exhales a deep cloud of smoke across the room for you

You can stare at the short haired beauty Katrina Von Bad all you want as the sexy lady seductively smokes her cigarette. She lights one up as she sits in her chair, inhaling deeply on her smoke. She lets out a nice puff of smoke from her mouth as she takes a deep drag on her cigarette. You are craving her attention but she refuses to look your way

Mistress Katrina VonBad treats her slave to a new experience. She loves to smoke so she got something bigger. She decides now is the time to get a great cigar and put it between her lush lips. She has dressed her lips in a shiny hot pink lipstick. It matches her tongue and compliments her perfect teeth. As she smokes, she knows she is driving her slave crazy with the smoke and her lips.

Lady Katrina VonBad uses her sexy red lips to smoke a cigarette. She enjoys how if feels to watch her slaves become mesmerized by the smoke drifting from her lush mouth. She loves to give her slave simple things to do while she attends her everyday life. This sexy babe knows the best thing she can do for her slave is to blow smoke in their face so they can inhale.

The beautiful Gloria is still showing everyone how sensual a cigarette really is. She loves the smell of a cigarette smoking and having her slave watch her. She knows that her full lips attract attention and she won't be without her cigarette. This sexy babe knows that without her cigarette, she wouldn't get as much attention as she does and when she has it, she enjoys being the center of a smoking fetish fantasy.

Goddess Katrina VonBad is a sexy brunette mistress wearing an elegant white dress as she smokes her cigarette and blows her smoke into your face. She knows that you are crazy about her smoke as she continues to blow it in your face and smokes on you. She teases you with her sexy body, her big tits and her smoke coming out of her lungs and all over you in this pov clip.

Goddess Katrina VonBad is a sexy brunette babe that is smoking a cigarette while wearing a low cut white dress as she shows off her big round tits and blows the smoke into your face. She knows that is drives you crazy and you are going to get hard looking at her tits while she covers you with her warm smoke from deep inside of her lungs as she teases you.

Goddess Katrina VonBad is a sexy brunette mistress that is wearing a white blouse as she lights up a long white cigarette for you. She takes a long drag on her cigarette and inhales as she takes the smoke deep into her lungs and then exhales and blows the smoke all over you. She then looks at you with lust in her eyes as she teases you with her warm smoke.

Mistress Jenicha is a sexy mistress that is smoking a cigarette as she talks dirty in this video. She knows that you get turned on watching the warm smoke come out of her mouth and then she talks dirty to you as she smokes to get you even more horny just for her!

This sexy babe has had a long, hard day at work and now all she wants to do is relax and smoke a nice cigarette. She puts her lighter to the end of the cigarette and sparks it up. Her big red lips wrap around the cigarette as she begins to inhale, feeling the hot smoke hit her lungs. Next, she begins to let the smoke slip slowly out of her sexy mouth.

the stunning redhead Katrina Von Bad sensually smokes this cigarette holding it with just her sexy red lips. She looks teasingly at you as she holds on to the white 5000 with just her gorgeous red lips and that lets out a very erotic ring of smoke. This goddess really knows how to put on an erotic show smoking this cigarette and holing onto it with just her red lips

The sexy money princess, Lady Andrea sits in the field under the clear blue sky smoking on her cigarette and than proceeds to dump the ashes right in your face. You take all of this sexy girls ash right in your mouth because she looks so beautiful dresses up in very erotic red dress. She teasingly strokes her long smooth legs and bare feet and than dumps the ashes right in your face

The gorgeous redhead Miss Deeane smokes her cigarette very provocatively and she needs a place to put hers ashes. That is where you come in as her willing slave who will open your mouth so she can dump her cigarette ash inside. Of course you will do anything for the attention of the beautiful miss Deeane so lay your head back and get ready for that hot ashy taste

Mistresses Deeane and Gloria know that you are sitting on the couch and are all alone as they show off their sleek sexy bodies as they wear tight dresses. The two mistresses then take off their dresses so that they are only wearing their bras and panties and then they light up their cigarettes and blow the smoke in you face as you get excited but only have a tiny cock to offer.

Sister Celine is a sexy nun that is ready to listen to your confession. She is smoking a cigarette and she blows the smoke in your face because she knows that your erotic dreams consist of. She knows that you love to watch her takes drags of her cigarette and she knows that you love to have the smoke blown on your face and she knows you love to watch her smoke.

Mistress Chanel uses her slave as a human ashtray as she takes him and forces him to kneel in front of her on the floor and open his mouth. She takes a long drag on her cigarette and then makes her slave lick her spit off of her high heel boots as he waits for some more ash from the cigarette to be put into his mouth by his mistress.

Lady Gold takes a white cigarette into her mouth and then she inhales the smoke deep into her lungs as she lifts her stocking covered legs up and then exhales. She blows the smoke all over your face and then uses your mouth as an ashtray as she takes the butt of the cigarette and then drops it into your mouth and makes you swallow it so she does not have to clean it later.

Miss Deeane takes a cigarette in her mouth and inhales it deep into her lungs and then exhales and blows the smoke all over their face. She knows that it turns you on to watch her blow the smoke all over you face and that you love to watch her take a drag off the cigarette. She will let you watch her smoke as long as you surrender yourself to her.

Goddess Kim is a sexy dark haired goddess that knows that she is sexy and that she can smoke a cigarette and turn you on. But she is going to use you as a human ashtray as she blows the smoke in your face and then makes you open your mouth and drops her ash into your open mouth. She then reminds you that you are a loser and the only thing you will be good for is being an ashtray.

Goddess Katrina VonBad is getting ready for bed as she takes a moment to seduce you with her firm round breasts and her sexy curves while she smokes her cigarette and blows the smoke at you. She knows that she is going to turn you on and that you are going to want to reach down and stroke your cock while you watch her take her cigarette and sucks the smoke into her lungs.

Miss Mimi is wearing a red dress with red gloves and red heels and is smoking a cigarette as she shows off her sharp red heels to you and wants you to lick them clean. She takes her cigarette in her hand and takes a long drag into her lungs and then takes the smoke and blows it into you face as she waits for you to start licking his face clean.

Miss Deeane has shoulder length brunette hair and is has an all white 100's cigarette. She takes a match and places the cigarette in the center of her mouth between her lips and lights the match and then lights the cigarette. She then takes a few drags off of the cigarette and changes her clothes and shoots several different outfits and different poses as she continues to smoke her cigarette.

This mistress makes her slave lay on the floor in front of the couch and then she puts her sneakers on top of him and then has him lick them clean with his tongue. She makes him take his nasty tongue all over her shoes and has to keep licking until they are clean. She has him lick the bottoms of her shoes as well while she smokes her cigarette and blows the smoke in his face.

Mistresses Lucy and Lindsey are on vacation as they shop for shoes and bags at the most expensive stores and are making you paying for it. They are busy shopping and spending all of your money. These two mistresses are busy soaking up the sun and smoking cigarettes while you are at work working hard for their money so they can relax and have a great time with your money.

Lady Gold has long dark hair and is a sexy mistress and she has high expectations from her slaves as she forces you to open your eyes so she can blow smoke into your face. She then has you open your mouth so she can ash her cigarette into your mouth and force you to swallow it so it will not make her floors dirty while she laughs at you and humiliates you.

Mistress Alyssa gets home after a long day at work and finds her slave at her feet wondering what she wanted next from him. She takes her cigarette and takes a deep inhale and fills her lungs with smoke as she thinks about what he needs to do the rest of the day. She then exhales the smoke and blows it all over his face as she tells him to start by cleaning her heels with his tongue.

Mistress Deeane is smoking her cigarette while laying on the floor wearing only her bra and panties as she looks over at the hidden camera and blows smoke right into you face. She knows that you are there watching her as she continues to blow smoke all over you and then she tells you that it is alright if you want to play with yourself while you watch her smoke.

Princess Sexy Jenny looks down at you and uses you as her human ashtray as she takes her ash and drops into your open mouth. She then tells you to open your eyes because she wants to blow the smoke in your eyes so that is stings and to keep your mouth open for her ash. Once she drops her ash in your mouth you need to swallow it up until it is all gone.

Miss Deeane takes a long drag off of her cigarette and inhales it deeply as she looks right at you and then takes a sensual exhale of the smoke and blows it right in your face as you watch and beg for more. You want this sexy mistress to blow the smoke into you face and eyes and you want to feel it cover your face as she makes fun of you.

Goddess Katrina VonBad is smoking a black cigarette and is taking the thick smoke and blowing it in your face as she takes long and sensual drags off of the cigarette. She then blows the smoke all over your face as she laughs at you and reminds you that you are just a smoke collector to her and that you will never be with the likes of her and her cigarette.

Sexy and gorgeous mistress Diamond sits on her sofa as she lights up a cigarette pleasurably. She puts it between her sexy red lips, and starts to soak in the blue smoke! After her mouth and her lights are filled up, she blows the smoke right into your face. And if it were not enough humiliating, she tells you to open your mouth very wide for her to make it easy for her using you as her personal ashtray.

Sexy mistress Katja and her girlfriend are having a nice and relaxing smoking break. They stand outside the studio and light up their cigarettes. Both girls are looking totally sexy when they soak in the smoke from their cigarettes and blow it out after that. As they are done they drop their cigarettes on the ground and crush them with their sexy sneakers...

This very sexy mistress sits on a chair, wears a latex suit which looks very sexy on her perfect body, and smokes a cigarette. She looks at you all the time and knows how much you are into sexy girls sitting in front of you and teasing the hell out of you by smoking cigarettes...

Mistress Lana looks straight into your eyes in this clip. She does nothing more - she just lights up her cigarette and keeps staring into your eyes. Her eyes look to strong and dominant and her dark lip gloss makes you weak just by looking on it - there is no doubt about it, she will enslave you by simply looking at you and smoking a cigarette...

Mistress Empress Cruel loves to smoke! She looks to dominant as she lights up her cigarette, covers the tip with her sexy red lips and breathes in pleasurably. She blows the smoke right into your face and smiles at you - you are such a pathetic wimp of a man...

Mistress Gina knows exactly how much you are attracted by sexy girls who are smoking. She shows off her sexy black high heeled boots and makes you obey her. She smokes the cigarette and you are completely addicted to her as you are watching her in this perfect outfit...

Sexy Mistress Katja enjoys her cigarette. She smokes it with full pleasure and after she is done she drops it to the ground. Her eyes bright as she hold her shoe soles over the cigarette to lower it after a few seconds. She increases the pressure and destroys the cigarette.

Gorgeous Mistress Swetlana sits on a chair adverse to you and lights up a cigarette. She smokes it with full pleasure and really enjoys herself breathing the smoke in and out. She knows how much you are turned on and how weak you get watching her while she smokes...

Lady Mistery stands right in front of you as she smokes her cigarette. She enjoys smoking it and drops it on the ground after she is done with it. She spits on it and crushes it. Then she wants you to eat it right from the ground to humiliate yourself for her...

Mistress sexy princess Jenny is sitting on her favorite couch as she smokes a cigarette. She blows the smoke right into your face and humiliates you by making you smell and breathe it for her - she laughs at you as you begin to caught ...

Lady Ebony's face is focused all the time in this clip very close. She lights up a cigarette and starts to breathe in. While she is smoking she is constantly keeping eye contact with you. She blows her smoke right into your face and humiliates you by making you inhale it all...

Lady Melissa calls out for you as she lights up a cigarette. She smokes it with great pleasure while you are kneeling in front of her, down on the ground. She smiles and commands you to open up your mouth as she starts to drop her ashes right into it. You are taking it all and in the end you have to swallow all of her delicious garbage and cigarette leftovers...

Mistress Lady Mistery sits outside on her terrace as she smokes a cigarette. She really enjoys her cigarette and makes you lick and worship her bare feet. After that you are allowed to eat up her ashes and at last you are made to eat the leftover of her cigarette combined with her delicious saliva.

Luxus lady Jessica smokes a cigarette right in front of you. She blows the smoke into your face and teases you with her sexy lips. She knows how excited you are by watching her as she looks into your eyes directly - and she even knows how fucking pathetic you are for buying this clip just to look at her...

Mistress Sexy Jenny decides to take a cigarette break! She sits on an window bench and lights up a cigarette. Now she wants to tease the hell out of you. First she points her sneakers on you. Then she removes them to show off her sexy pretty socks! Then she even removes them to show off her pretty bare soles...

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