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Their ashtray was broken and they could not buy one till morning. And they could not do without smoking either. So they called their slave and made him their ashtray

This slave was taken outdoors and given the worst humiliation. First he had to lick them soles of his mistress's shoes and be content with being led around with a leash on his neck like a dog

These mistresses were enjoying a smoke, but it was made so much better with their slave licking their feet. This made it much more fun as they dominated the poor slave

These mistresses are sadists and do not care of the well being of their slaves. They only care about their convenience and their fun. They made a slave open his mouth and become their ashtray and they didn't care about him

Submissive slave is collared and has a panty over his head making it hard for him to breath. He is being punished for disobedient behavior. It is his own fault that he is receiving this cruel and harsh treatment. Two mistresses are taking turns spitting in his face. They even use him as a human ashtray. This will go on for the rest of the day. Hours and hours he has to endure this punishment. He wants to scream out in agony but has not got to power to do so. Why is nobody coming to his rescue

When she goes downstairs, she does it to smoke. She loves smoking downstairs because her slaves are in a tiny cage, waiting to catch her ashes. As soon as she gets downstairs, she lights her cigarette and starts to spin the cage. She thumps her ashes into the cage, nearly burning them. As she spins the cage and blows smoke into their faces, she tells them they aren't deserving of better treatment.

This loser slave has become this girls pedicure bitch as she orders him to paint her toenails of her very sexy bare feet. The pathetic slave gets down on his hands and knees and paints this sexy brunettes toenails a gorgeous red color making her feet even sexier than before. It is a total crush passion as this hot girl sits back and chats on the phone and smokes her cigarette

Mistress Chanel uses her slave as a human ashtray as she takes him and forces him to kneel in front of her on the floor and open his mouth. She takes a long drag on her cigarette and then makes her slave lick her spit off of her high heel boots as he waits for some more ash from the cigarette to be put into his mouth by his mistress.

This mistress makes her slave lay on the floor in front of the couch and then she puts her sneakers on top of him and then has him lick them clean with his tongue. She makes him take his nasty tongue all over her shoes and has to keep licking until they are clean. She has him lick the bottoms of her shoes as well while she smokes her cigarette and blows the smoke in his face.

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