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Sexy Princess wearing only some hot lingerie is smoking a cigarette. She normally does not smoke but knows that the slave she is waiting for hates cigarettes. She is smoking just to annoy him. Probably even a little bit more than just annoy him because she will be using him as a human ashtray. He has to open his mouth so she can put her ash inside. All she is still doubting is if she should allow him to spit out the ashes or not

Daemona de Lucca is really cruel and sadistic but her cock-pierced slave is fatally attracted to her. he brought a little present for her. Mistress Daemona is sitting on her throne dressed in black tight latex while the stud kneels in front of her.When the cruel beauty demands to see her surprise the stud inserts and lights a candle into his cock. Mistress Daemona is very amused and lights up her cigarette with the candle.

This very sexy mistress sits on a chair, wears a latex suit which looks very sexy on her perfect body, and smokes a cigarette. She looks at you all the time and knows how much you are into sexy girls sitting in front of you and teasing the hell out of you by smoking cigarettes...

Lady Anja sits on a chair with her marvelous body. She wears a very sexy black latex dress - really exotic. Then she lights up a cigarette and takes deep breathes just to blow the blue smoke back to the air. She enjoys herself playfully blowing the smoke into the room. She knows how to drive you crazy and likes to have you watching her will less like that...

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