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Lady Mystery loves smoking and she does not have an ashtray. she has one but not the traditional or regular ashtray. Her ashtray is human and is in the form of her slave whom she uses to put out her cig

Sexy Princess wearing only some hot lingerie is smoking a cigarette. She normally does not smoke but knows that the slave she is waiting for hates cigarettes. She is smoking just to annoy him. Probably even a little bit more than just annoy him because she will be using him as a human ashtray. He has to open his mouth so she can put her ash inside. All she is still doubting is if she should allow him to spit out the ashes or not

You should worship me and obey me every command. This is your life as my personal human ashtray. I love smoking cigarettes and need someone to put the ashes in. Just open your mouth and don't ask question. You can watch me while I smoke this is your payment. Your punishment for being a dumb slave is being my human ashtray. It really turns me on to watch you suffer. Life is not fair, neither am I. As my personal human ashtray you better get used to it.

Mistress Lady Bitchtress smokes a cigarette and blows the smoke right into your face. She sits there and relaxes while she breathes the smoke deep into her lungs. Then she releases it and fills the room with all that smoke. Suddenly she keeps holding her cigarette in front of your face commanding you to open up your mouth so that she can drop her ashes in it...

Mistress Perfection is smoking a cigarette and shares the ashes with you! While she smokes she always keeps breathing the smoke right into your face. You are forced to inhale her blue smoke and then she also makes you become her ashtray by dropping the ashes all into your mouth.

Hey dork this is the best thing you can do! Since you are such a fucking pathetic pervert you get a sad stiffy in those pants of yours while you lap up the dirt off my stinky well worn sneakers don't you? So get closer to them, show me how much you love my stinky sneakers and those nasty soles! Do it while I smoke...

You are nothing for Mistress Katja! While she smokes her cigarette and enjoys herself she ignores you. You are lying under her on the ground and watching her as she begins to spit into your face. She drops ashes on your face and makes you swallow the mixture of ashes and snot for her.

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