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Mistress Jenny was pissed at how this guy had misinformed her. She did not like that as it made her look like an imbecile. So she went out of her way to dominate him as punishment for what he had done. He was forced to be her human ashtray and she also choked him with her cigarette smoke. He did not expect from her but he could not do much as he was guilty.

Mistress Jenny loves to smoke and she wants more people to start smoking. That is why she used her sexiness to get this guy to start smoking. She knew that if she teased him while she smoked, she could get him to want to do it too. So as the guy tried to seduce her, she got him to smoke a few cigarettes and that is how the guy became a smoker.

Mistress sexy Jenny sits on her chair as you are kneeling right in front of her and waiting for commands and orders. First she makes use of your mouth as her personal ashtray. Later she turns around to have a nice seat on your face while she wears one of those extra tight blue jeans...

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