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As this mistress smoked, she blew smoke on the face of her slave who was seated in front of her. The mistress told him all the things she could do to him with her cigarette and punish him. She even changed her voice to make it look threatening and she told him that she was not afraid of doing any of the things she had told him. He got scared like she wanted and never pissed her off for fear of what she was capable of.

Mistress Amy loves to smoke and she does it all the time. She not only smokes because she likes it, but she also does it as a way to punish anyone she does not like or anyone who has pissed her off. When this guy pissed her, she made him kneel before her and she forced him to open his mouth. She then turned his mouth into her human ashtray and tortured him for fun.

Luciana likes to dominate her slave with her smoking fetish. She would tie them up, blow smoke into a pipe and force them to inhale it

These mistresses are amateurs at smoking. But they are pros and they are learning pretty fast. They spit on a container after a couple of puffs, but their slave will lick all the saliva off the container

If this is the first time watching this hot redhead smoke a cigarette be warned that even though she looks cute and innocent. She is in fact a cruel and sadistic Princess looking for new victims for her human ashtray addiction. Whenever she smokes she wants a slave nearby so she can put all the ashes in his mouth. Just open your mouth so I can use you as my human ashtray. Complaining has no use I will kick you in the balls. Just do as I say and all will be ok.

When she smokes, she loves to sit and enjoy her cigarette. She enjoys sitting and looking at her company. When she dumps her ashes, she enjoys putting it in her slave's mouth. When she does, she knows that they will be properly disposed of. And when she is alone, she still has her slave to keep her company. As soon as she is done smoking, she loves to watch her slaves swallow her ashes.

This poor slave is going to be punished and humiliated all day long by his sexy blonde mistress. His hot blonde mistress is wearing her bra and panties, showing off her beautiful body. However, this pony slave is definitely not going to be allowed to get a free look at her body. She lights up a cigarette and decides that while she smokes her cigarette, this loser slave must be her pony.

You are nothing for Mistress Katja! While she smokes her cigarette and enjoys herself she ignores you. You are lying under her on the ground and watching her as she begins to spit into your face. She drops ashes on your face and makes you swallow the mixture of ashes and snot for her.

Her new jeans fit very tight to her perfect shaped ass while she rubs them all over her slaves face. Mistress Antonia loves having her loser right under her jeans ass while she relaxes and smokes a cigarette. She simply sits on his mouth and nose to shut him up and make him obey her like she deserves. Her slave is made to worship and inhale her woman scent all the time...

Kimi crouches while she smokes a cigarette. She knows you are watching her all the time. She starts to spit on the ground. Again and again she lets the saliva run out of her mouth. After a big puddle of spit occurred, she commands you to her and wants you to lap it all up like a good boy.

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