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Lady Mystery loves money more than anything else. For her, everything is about money. And she has to have it at all costs. They say you make more money when you do something you love and for her, that is humiliating others and smoking. She has found a way of humiliating guys and blackmailing them and she makes money from them by promising not to expose how she humiliated them.

This mistress likes to smoke better than anything else. Smoking is everything to her. She smokes when she is happy, she smokes when she is mad, she smokes and uses her cigarette to punish anyone she wants to punish and does so many other things with her cigarette. Today she was just chilling and watching a movie while smoking. She looked damn hot as she did it. She looked like a villain in a movie.

This mistress is sexy and likes to use it to her advantage. When a loser flirts with her she flirts back and then when they go to her apartment, she humiliates him by using him as her ashtray and spitting on him

What a lovely Mistress this is. She loves smoking cigarettes so much she takes pics and vids of herself while smoking. Then she uploads them to the internet for us to enjoy. And lets be clear, what is there not to enjoy? She is smoking hot wearing black latex and red lipstick. This is my kind of woman. Too bad she has a bit of mean streak in her too. She loves humiliating slaves by using them as human ashtrays.

Goddess uses matches to light up her cigarette. Slowly she puffs away on her cigarette. Wearing black gloves and leather jacket she invites people to watch her smoke. Every weekend she makes a couple of videos of herself smoking a cigarette and then uploads it to the internet. If you have any custom video requests just let her know and maybe if you are lucky she will execute your wishes. Smoking cigarettes might be bad for you, but watching her smoke is the highlight of my day.

When Miss Deeane decides to smoke, she knows how to make a man cum from watching her. She knows that her hands are long and graceful. She holds her cigarette as gently as she would a dick. She puts her cigarette to a mouth that looks good with red lipstick or nude. Her lush lips wrap around her cigarette and makes a man hard and horny. She inhales and exhales like she would when she cums.

Goddess Katrina knows how to seduce her lovers with nothing more than her sexy red lips and a long cigarette. She loves to get in the mirror each morning, do her hair and apply her beautiful red lipstick. She loves letting her lovers watch her put the luscious color on her lips then get dressed. She sits in front of her lovers with her favorite brand of cigarettes and smoke. They are entranced, watching her lips wrap around something so delicate.

This sexy woman knows how to work those beautiful lips she is rocking. Her full lips are covered in red lipstick and she covers the butt of the cigarette with her sexy intoxicating lipstick. Watch as she puffs on this cigarette, letting all the hot smoke flow into her lungs and then slowly releasing it between her sexy lips. This hot babe could be a professional smoker and drive any man wild.

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