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When Miss Deeane decides to smoke, she knows how to make a man cum from watching her. She knows that her hands are long and graceful. She holds her cigarette as gently as she would a dick. She puts her cigarette to a mouth that looks good with red lipstick or nude. Her lush lips wrap around her cigarette and makes a man hard and horny. She inhales and exhales like she would when she cums.

Lady Katrina VonBad uses her sexy red lips to smoke a cigarette. She enjoys how if feels to watch her slaves become mesmerized by the smoke drifting from her lush mouth. She loves to give her slave simple things to do while she attends her everyday life. This sexy babe knows the best thing she can do for her slave is to blow smoke in their face so they can inhale.

the stunning redhead Katrina Von Bad sensually smokes this cigarette holding it with just her sexy red lips. She looks teasingly at you as she holds on to the white 5000 with just her gorgeous red lips and that lets out a very erotic ring of smoke. This goddess really knows how to put on an erotic show smoking this cigarette and holing onto it with just her red lips

Mistress Lana looks straight into your eyes in this clip. She does nothing more - she just lights up her cigarette and keeps staring into your eyes. Her eyes look to strong and dominant and her dark lip gloss makes you weak just by looking on it - there is no doubt about it, she will enslave you by simply looking at you and smoking a cigarette...

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