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This sexy woman knows how to work those beautiful lips she is rocking. Her full lips are covered in red lipstick and she covers the butt of the cigarette with her sexy intoxicating lipstick. Watch as she puffs on this cigarette, letting all the hot smoke flow into her lungs and then slowly releasing it between her sexy lips. This hot babe could be a professional smoker and drive any man wild.

This poor slave is going to be punished and humiliated all day long by his sexy blonde mistress. His hot blonde mistress is wearing her bra and panties, showing off her beautiful body. However, this pony slave is definitely not going to be allowed to get a free look at her body. She lights up a cigarette and decides that while she smokes her cigarette, this loser slave must be her pony.

the stunning redhead Katrina Von Bad sensually smokes this cigarette holding it with just her sexy red lips. She looks teasingly at you as she holds on to the white 5000 with just her gorgeous red lips and that lets out a very erotic ring of smoke. This goddess really knows how to put on an erotic show smoking this cigarette and holing onto it with just her red lips

The sexy money princess, Lady Andrea sits in the field under the clear blue sky smoking on her cigarette and than proceeds to dump the ashes right in your face. You take all of this sexy girls ash right in your mouth because she looks so beautiful dresses up in very erotic red dress. She teasingly strokes her long smooth legs and bare feet and than dumps the ashes right in your face

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