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This mistress likes to smoke better than anything else. Smoking is everything to her. She smokes when she is happy, she smokes when she is mad, she smokes and uses her cigarette to punish anyone she wants to punish and does so many other things with her cigarette. Today she was just chilling and watching a movie while smoking. She looked damn hot as she did it. She looked like a villain in a movie.

Mistress Lindsey loves smoking and as she was going through different fetishes, she came across a smoking fetish. She was broke and being a kind of sadist, she found out she had a perfect way of making money. She found herself a slave and she enjoyed using his cigarette on him and doing all sorts of things to him and posting it to the fetish blogs to gain more fans and in so doing, get money and fame.

When you first set eyes on mistress Lindsey, you can never imagine how cruel she is. She is gorgeous and has a sweet face. But beneath it is a cruel and sadistic person. She likes to smile to disarm her victims before she does the unthinkable to them. For this guy she wanted to humiliate and torture, she used a cigarette. She made him her human ashtray and tortured him with it.

This mistress is a model and likes to show off her amazing body. She has a secret to her body which others do not know about. While everyone knows about diet and exercise, she also adds smoking to her menu in order to keep slim and fit. And when she is angry at a slave or loser, she also turns the cigarette into a weapon and uses the guy as a human ashtray.

While other mistresses like to humiliate and degrade slaves using high heels and shit and pee, this mistress is all about smoking. The great thing about it is that she likes to flirt with a guy first and get him in the mood first. She has a gorgeous and sexy body and moves to boot so it is never hard. Then she makes the guy her human ashtray and they do not resist.

smoking is what this mistress is into. She does it whenever and wherever she feels like. She likes to use it to make fun of guys and to humiliate them. Today, she wanted to humiliate her slave for forgetting her instructions. She made the guy inhale the smoke as well as used him as her human ashtray. The guy was in pain but the mistress could not care less what he felt.

This mistress is sexy and likes to use it to her advantage. When a loser flirts with her she flirts back and then when they go to her apartment, she humiliates him by using him as her ashtray and spitting on him

Nikki was having a party at her place. She had not prepared for many smoking visitors and when she could not get ashtrays, she used her slave as one

This mistress loves smoking and she has been complemented that she smokes in a sexy manner. So she decided to cash in on the compliments and made a site where she posts her smoking videos and people pay to watch

Their ashtray was broken and they could not buy one till morning. And they could not do without smoking either. So they called their slave and made him their ashtray

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