Smoking Girls Fetish - Hot girls smoke cigarettes and cigars - Page 20

Your Mistress has new nails again and you certainly like that, don't you? To relax a bit, I enjoy smoking a slim cigarette. Watch my smoking and holding of the cigarette with my brand new nails. You certainly feel the need to be my ashtray, don't you? Open your mouth wide so I can flick my ashes down your throat. Make sure you swallow all of them to keep the floor clean.

Do you have a problem with these girls smoking indoors and exhaling all that second-hand smoke in your direction, causing your lungs to fill with poison against your own free will? These girls are young, strong, and have attitude!They see you standing in that dark corner like a loner and they see your facial expressions. They know you have a problem with their second-hand smoke and now they're going to bully you and exhale more of it in your direction hoping to give you cancer!

This incredibly sexy femdom knows exactly how to manipulate you and today she is going to do it by showing off her gorgeous tits while smoking. She blows the smoke right into your face because she knows how sexy you find it and that you simply can't resist her, no matter how much you try. You can attempt to look away, but you just can't. You are under her spell.

Lady Mistery was home alone. She was bored and it was raining heavily outside so she could not go out. She decided to have fun like a clown so she did anything that came to her mind. Being a smoker and having a smoke fetish, she naturally got round to doing something with her cigarette. She made clown like faces and thought about how she could look sexy and even how she could torture a guy with her cigarette.

This mistress likes to smoke. There are many reasons why she does that. One of the reasons that many people do not know is when she has not brushed her teeth. She had run out of toothpaste and could not go to the store to buy it and a guy she had been looking forward to banging was on his way over. So she just smoked to disguise her breath.

Lady Mystery loves money more than anything else. For her, everything is about money. And she has to have it at all costs. They say you make more money when you do something you love and for her, that is humiliating others and smoking. She has found a way of humiliating guys and blackmailing them and she makes money from them by promising not to expose how she humiliated them.

This mistress likes to smoke better than anything else. Smoking is everything to her. She smokes when she is happy, she smokes when she is mad, she smokes and uses her cigarette to punish anyone she wants to punish and does so many other things with her cigarette. Today she was just chilling and watching a movie while smoking. She looked damn hot as she did it. She looked like a villain in a movie.

Mistress Lindsey loves smoking and as she was going through different fetishes, she came across a smoking fetish. She was broke and being a kind of sadist, she found out she had a perfect way of making money. She found herself a slave and she enjoyed using his cigarette on him and doing all sorts of things to him and posting it to the fetish blogs to gain more fans and in so doing, get money and fame.

When you first set eyes on mistress Lindsey, you can never imagine how cruel she is. She is gorgeous and has a sweet face. But beneath it is a cruel and sadistic person. She likes to smile to disarm her victims before she does the unthinkable to them. For this guy she wanted to humiliate and torture, she used a cigarette. She made him her human ashtray and tortured him with it.

This mistress is a model and likes to show off her amazing body. She has a secret to her body which others do not know about. While everyone knows about diet and exercise, she also adds smoking to her menu in order to keep slim and fit. And when she is angry at a slave or loser, she also turns the cigarette into a weapon and uses the guy as a human ashtray.

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