Smoking Girls Fetish - Hot girls smoke cigarettes and cigars - Page 30

Lady Anja sits on a chair with her marvelous body. She wears a very sexy black latex dress - really exotic. Then she lights up a cigarette and takes deep breathes just to blow the blue smoke back to the air. She enjoys herself playfully blowing the smoke into the room. She knows how to drive you crazy and likes to have you watching her will less like that...

Her new jeans fit very tight to her perfect shaped ass while she rubs them all over her slaves face. Mistress Antonia loves having her loser right under her jeans ass while she relaxes and smokes a cigarette. She simply sits on his mouth and nose to shut him up and make him obey her like she deserves. Her slave is made to worship and inhale her woman scent all the time...

Mistress Lady Mystery smokes and blows the smoke right into your face. She tells you how pathetic you are and what you mean to her. You are there to follow instructions and do whatever she wants and you should get used to that thought.

Kimi crouches while she smokes a cigarette. She knows you are watching her all the time. She starts to spit on the ground. Again and again she lets the saliva run out of her mouth. After a big puddle of spit occurred, she commands you to her and wants you to lap it all up like a good boy.

Lady Anja enjoys her cigarettes and while you little loser kneel in front of her she uses your mouth as her ashtray and blows the smoke into your face - you don't like it? Maybe i should put the cigarette out on your face???

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