Smoking Girls Fetish - Hot girls smoke cigarettes and cigars - Page 30

The gorgeous goddess katrina Von Bad provocatively smokes her cigarette and blows out all of the smoke directly into your face making you cough and choke. The sexy goddess does not care that all you can breathe is cigarette smoke as she takes another sexy drag and repeats the process. She looks gorgeous with her red hair pulled back and with her very red lipstick on so you take the abuse

This loser slave has become this girls pedicure bitch as she orders him to paint her toenails of her very sexy bare feet. The pathetic slave gets down on his hands and knees and paints this sexy brunettes toenails a gorgeous red color making her feet even sexier than before. It is a total crush passion as this hot girl sits back and chats on the phone and smokes her cigarette

The gorgeous redhead Miss Deeane smokes her cigarette very provocatively and she needs a place to put hers ashes. That is where you come in as her willing slave who will open your mouth so she can dump her cigarette ash inside. Of course you will do anything for the attention of the beautiful miss Deeane so lay your head back and get ready for that hot ashy taste

What's better than smoking? Tormenting someone with a smoking fetish using copious amounts of smoke! A friend comes over for coffee and to help out with the recording of a video clip, the nature of which is unbeknownst to him. When Katrina lights up and starts smoking like a human ashtray, her unsuspecting friend starts shaking, and grows weak in the face of so much smoke. This is the mother of all smoking fetish teases!

Do you like fags? Do you like when hot women put fags in their mouths and light them on fire to inhale the smoke? Of course you do! That's why you're here. Watch this sexy mistress smoke a blunt all to herself. She takes in breath after breath of smoke-filled air and blows it out slowly and sensually. Her voluptuous, puffy lips wrap around the rolled tobacco; this human ashtray worships cigarette smoke!

Mistresses Deeane and Gloria know that you are sitting on the couch and are all alone as they show off their sleek sexy bodies as they wear tight dresses. The two mistresses then take off their dresses so that they are only wearing their bras and panties and then they light up their cigarettes and blow the smoke in you face as you get excited but only have a tiny cock to offer.

Sister Celine is a sexy nun that is ready to listen to your confession. She is smoking a cigarette and she blows the smoke in your face because she knows that your erotic dreams consist of. She knows that you love to watch her takes drags of her cigarette and she knows that you love to have the smoke blown on your face and she knows you love to watch her smoke.

Mistress Chanel uses her slave as a human ashtray as she takes him and forces him to kneel in front of her on the floor and open his mouth. She takes a long drag on her cigarette and then makes her slave lick her spit off of her high heel boots as he waits for some more ash from the cigarette to be put into his mouth by his mistress.

Lady Gold takes a white cigarette into her mouth and then she inhales the smoke deep into her lungs as she lifts her stocking covered legs up and then exhales. She blows the smoke all over your face and then uses your mouth as an ashtray as she takes the butt of the cigarette and then drops it into your mouth and makes you swallow it so she does not have to clean it later.

Miss Deeane takes a cigarette in her mouth and inhales it deep into her lungs and then exhales and blows the smoke all over their face. She knows that it turns you on to watch her blow the smoke all over you face and that you love to watch her take a drag off the cigarette. She will let you watch her smoke as long as you surrender yourself to her.

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