Smoking Girls Fetish - Hot girls smoke cigarettes and cigars - Page 19

This sexy blonde chick sits on her chair smoking very seductively in front of you. She inhales her cigarette smoke and blows it out of her mouth in a very erotic manner which makes you hard as a rock. She is wearing her white midriff shirt as she blows the smoke from her mouth and then takes another erotic drag on her cigarette. She knows of your smoking fetish.

Daemona de Lucca is really cruel and sadistic but her cock-pierced slave is fatally attracted to her. he brought a little present for her. Mistress Daemona is sitting on her throne dressed in black tight latex while the stud kneels in front of her.When the cruel beauty demands to see her surprise the stud inserts and lights a candle into his cock. Mistress Daemona is very amused and lights up her cigarette with the candle.

Lady Susana is a pretty babe that smokes. She loves to smoke while she works at her computers. Lady Susana also has the ability to dominate her slaves as she smokes. She can get any of her slaves to buy her cigarettes, because watching her smoke is a very sexy sight to see. Lady Susana can make any man develop the biggest smoking fetish ever.

Smoking Jenny is a very hot mistress. She is blonde with a very hot body. Smoking Jenny has a group of faithful slaves that loves to worship her when she is smoking. Her ability to smoke has men getting so horny as they see her put the cigarette to her lips. Smoking Jenny will get anything she wants, because she looks so good when she does smoke.

Simona is a young teen girl that loves to smoke. The minute she turned 18, she began to enjoy smoking. Simona also learned about how many guys love her smoking fetish. The guys all line up to watch her smoke, so she knows how to smoke very seductively. Simona is only 18, but she is becoming a very powerful mistress that knows how to get what she wants.

Nurse Amyleen is a smoking hot babe with a very hardcore fetish. She loves to smoke and wear sexy outfits in front of her slaves. There isn't one slave that can control themselves around her. Nurse Amyleen knows just how to work it too. She can say one word, and her slaves will do anything she asks of them. Nurse Amyleen is a very powerful mistress.

Miss Deeane is a sexy brunette mistress that is going to lets you masturbate and play with your hard cock as she smokes one cigarette after another. She take her long drags off of her cigarettes and blows it all over you as you take your hand and stroke your cock in front off of her as she watches you. She blows the warm smoke all over you hard cock and you have the most intense orgasm that you have ever had.

Miss Deeane is a sexy brunette mistress wearing a white bra and panties as she lays on her carpeted floor smoking a cigarette. She takes a long hard drag off of her cigarette and then she blows the smoke all over you. She takes her warm smoke and she blows it all over your body and your cock and you are busy masturbating in front of her as she continues to blow your smoke all over her.

Miss Deeane is a sexy brunette mistress that is sitting on the edge of the bed holding a new pack of cigarettes in her hands while you watch her open them slowly. She takes the fresh new pack and opens it up and starts to smoke a cigarette. As the smoke enters her lungs your cock starts to throb and you instantly know that you want her to blow her warm smoke all over you body and cock.

Mistress Cassandra is a sexy blonde mistress wearing a pair of black high heel sandals as she stands outside wearing a cool grey summer dress. This sexy mistress takes out a cigarette and lights it in her mouth and then takes a long hard drag off of her cigarette and inhales the warm smoke deep into her lungs. She then blows the air out of her lungs and into the air around her.

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