Smoking Girls Fetish - Hot girls smoke cigarettes and cigars - Page 25

Goddess uses matches to light up her cigarette. Slowly she puffs away on her cigarette. Wearing black gloves and leather jacket she invites people to watch her smoke. Every weekend she makes a couple of videos of herself smoking a cigarette and then uploads it to the internet. If you have any custom video requests just let her know and maybe if you are lucky she will execute your wishes. Smoking cigarettes might be bad for you, but watching her smoke is the highlight of my day.

Sexy Princess wearing only some hot lingerie is smoking a cigarette. She normally does not smoke but knows that the slave she is waiting for hates cigarettes. She is smoking just to annoy him. Probably even a little bit more than just annoy him because she will be using him as a human ashtray. He has to open his mouth so she can put her ash inside. All she is still doubting is if she should allow him to spit out the ashes or not

You should worship me and obey me every command. This is your life as my personal human ashtray. I love smoking cigarettes and need someone to put the ashes in. Just open your mouth and don't ask question. You can watch me while I smoke this is your payment. Your punishment for being a dumb slave is being my human ashtray. It really turns me on to watch you suffer. Life is not fair, neither am I. As my personal human ashtray you better get used to it.

When she goes downstairs, she does it to smoke. She loves smoking downstairs because her slaves are in a tiny cage, waiting to catch her ashes. As soon as she gets downstairs, she lights her cigarette and starts to spin the cage. She thumps her ashes into the cage, nearly burning them. As she spins the cage and blows smoke into their faces, she tells them they aren't deserving of better treatment.

When Miss Kate and Miss Petra get together, they enjoy hanging out. They love to drink coffee and smoke. When they smoke, they have to have a human ashtray. They don't pay attention to him but they know he is swallowing their ashes. They love knowing that he is getting turned on by acting as a piece of furniture. They smoke, they talk and they ignore their obedient slave as they enjoy themselves.

When she smokes, she loves to sit and enjoy her cigarette. She enjoys sitting and looking at her company. When she dumps her ashes, she enjoys putting it in her slave's mouth. When she does, she knows that they will be properly disposed of. And when she is alone, she still has her slave to keep her company. As soon as she is done smoking, she loves to watch her slaves swallow her ashes.

When it comes to smoking, Lady Susana enjoys a long cigarette between her fingers and lips. She knows that smoking is what her slave hates to see her do so she does it to punish him. She knows that he wants to be the one her lips wrap around and he isn't. She knows that he watches her, wishing her nude lips would rap around his dick and suck. But she won't so he watches her smoke, tortured.

When Miss Deeane decides to smoke, she knows how to make a man cum from watching her. She knows that her hands are long and graceful. She holds her cigarette as gently as she would a dick. She puts her cigarette to a mouth that looks good with red lipstick or nude. Her lush lips wrap around her cigarette and makes a man hard and horny. She inhales and exhales like she would when she cums.

Pretty Gia is in the bathroom. She is having a bit of stomach trouble and escapes from all of her girl friends so she can fart away in the peace and comfort of the bathroom and also light up her cigarette and relax and smoke. She is wearing her tight red shorts which show off her gorgeous ass as she sits and farts and smokes in the bathroom.

The pretty and sensual bruntte Miss Annalieza smokes her cigarette seductively on the couch and makes this willing slave her ash tray as she forces him to breathe in all of her cigarette ashes. She dumps the ashes into the tray which is attached to his mouth and he must breathe in all of her smoke ashes. She is having her cigarette break as she decides to dump her ashes.

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