Smoking Girls Fetish - Hot girls smoke cigarettes and cigars - Page 24

Mistresses Lucy and Lindsey are on vacation as they shop for shoes and bags at the most expensive stores and are making you paying for it. They are busy shopping and spending all of your money. These two mistresses are busy soaking up the sun and smoking cigarettes while you are at work working hard for their money so they can relax and have a great time with your money.

Lady Gold has long dark hair and is a sexy mistress and she has high expectations from her slaves as she forces you to open your eyes so she can blow smoke into your face. She then has you open your mouth so she can ash her cigarette into your mouth and force you to swallow it so it will not make her floors dirty while she laughs at you and humiliates you.

Mistress Alyssa gets home after a long day at work and finds her slave at her feet wondering what she wanted next from him. She takes her cigarette and takes a deep inhale and fills her lungs with smoke as she thinks about what he needs to do the rest of the day. She then exhales the smoke and blows it all over his face as she tells him to start by cleaning her heels with his tongue.

Mistress Deeane is smoking her cigarette while laying on the floor wearing only her bra and panties as she looks over at the hidden camera and blows smoke right into you face. She knows that you are there watching her as she continues to blow smoke all over you and then she tells you that it is alright if you want to play with yourself while you watch her smoke.

Princess Isabella is a smoking goddess as she takes her cigarette and puts it in her mouth and takes a long drag off of it, filling her lungs with smoke and then she looks at you and blows it all out in your face. This princess knows exactly what you want and how you want it as she blows the smoke all over your face and demands you buy her video clips.

Princess Sexy Jenny looks down at you and uses you as her human ashtray as she takes her ash and drops into your open mouth. She then tells you to open your eyes because she wants to blow the smoke in your eyes so that is stings and to keep your mouth open for her ash. Once she drops her ash in your mouth you need to swallow it up until it is all gone.

Miss Deeane takes a long drag off of her cigarette and inhales it deeply as she looks right at you and then takes a sensual exhale of the smoke and blows it right in your face as you watch and beg for more. You want this sexy mistress to blow the smoke into you face and eyes and you want to feel it cover your face as she makes fun of you.

Goddess Katrina VonBad is smoking a black cigarette and is taking the thick smoke and blowing it in your face as she takes long and sensual drags off of the cigarette. She then blows the smoke all over your face as she laughs at you and reminds you that you are just a smoke collector to her and that you will never be with the likes of her and her cigarette.

This dangerous mistress is dressed in all black and wearing a black hat as she smokes her cigarette. She shows you her nylons and her toes and lets you know that you can smell and sniff but once you get excited she will not let you stroke your dick. She will make you hump the floor like a dog and you will be left with blue balls and wanting more that you can not have.

Mistress Lady Bitchtress smokes a cigarette and blows the smoke right into your face. She sits there and relaxes while she breathes the smoke deep into her lungs. Then she releases it and fills the room with all that smoke. Suddenly she keeps holding her cigarette in front of your face commanding you to open up your mouth so that she can drop her ashes in it...

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